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Historical and actual link to the Greys

Information received 4/2/1999




BERMUDA (One base)



PUERTO RICO (Three Bases)


ACKLINS (One Base)




Information received 22/2/1999

Place: Bermuda – 195 Km West of Somerset Island. The location is under water.

Purpose: Electricity Base.

Pulling energy in from water and air, to charge turbo and hydroelectric machines needed for their experiments of life forms.

Machines come in to be recharged.

Water is pulled in, goes through powerful centrifuges where the necessary molecules are extracted, then compressed in not too big machines which are installed in different experimental areas.

This energy is used because nuclear power of their production kills the life forms they work with.

Please, do not think that it is made with the purpose to protect anyone, no, just to get better results for their purposes, and protect their own bodies.

Same system, to suck in air, up to 35,000 meters, pulled into metal containers where the wanted molecules are extracted. When the rest of the air is thrown out, waves appear in the ocean. Not to draw too much attention they let it out with some care, but in the inflow, no care is used, as big quantities must come in in one pull.

Here we have Andromeda's technology to provide non nuclear energy.

This Base is "old", constructed in 1938, helped by the United Kingdom government (only few people know about it) in exchange for some of their experimental machines.

Our new technology could have been originated by this exchange. The Greys have made their payment with the least sophisticated machines, even obsolete ones, which they gave us.

Today they produce this electricity using less force, their technology also improved, so plains and ships are in less danger now. Naturally, they used what they could, such as metals, BODIES and supplies, from the planes and ships that ended in the ocean.

From the start a technically strong Base, with seniority over the 12 Bases in the area.

This Triangle, with all the information it has gathered, has been an important link for future Base Organizations.

For them it is vital to organize what they do, this makes them strong, and is at the same time their weakest point because they rely on organization and NOT on any individual.

For aeons they have not thought as individuals! So, if organization brakes down in one link, only very, very few are able to re-establish the lines. In the meantime, the greys at work are in a great confusion as their "brain" is cut off.

May be, you can now understand the reason for such tenacity in the persecution of able individuals, and all the help that is given for the GLOBALISATION and the transnational enterprises.

The importance of this Base is the precedence it has given to the history of our planet.

The structure of this Triangle has been successfully copied all over Earth and, other planets have the same kind of system!

Composed of: only ET's. In the start, only the best-trained ones from Andromeda were here. They had experience in building Bases in a "virgin space". Yes, we do have much older Bases around the world, but those were more in single form. Here 12 Bases were planned.

Today its importance is greatly reduced, it has served its purpose.

At this time their machinery is up to date, but its crew is of a lesser rang than before.

There are 129 ET's – 220 Hybrids to handle the machines.

No ships of their own. Space for 3 ships to load and unload. If a ship is needed it comes from one of the other Bases. With logistics, it takes from one to two hours.

Yes, this is part of a good organization!



Information received 23/2/1999.

Place: Antigua Indian Town Point direction East, before it gets too deep. About 160 Km out to sea.

Purpose: Surveillance of Caribbean area.

They want it for themselves, and no intruders are allowed to land there.

Was kind of an entrance point to the eastern side of the US.

Also a place for gathering information.

Composed of: Extensive kind of radar machines with which air traffic is being continually checked.

Before their installations were made, other ships landed in this area. Somehow the Greys have taken over. This could be done due to agreements with various governments. The other aliens did not intend to settle here, only landed, did what they came for, and took off. Their purpose seems to have been trade and support, NOT conquest.

Only 65 ET's and 70 Hybrids.

No ships of their own. Ships come with information and upon request.

Place: 180 Km north of Barbuda, under water.

Purpose: Genetic Base.

This is what they always do, try to use what they can from the area they occupy. They do need food supplies, blood being the most urgent commodity. So, they must figure out how to provide it. Animals and humans are the providers.

For them it is fun to do genetic experiments of all sorts. It even seems that for them, it is a natural endeavor.

These Bases are rather small compared with the ones on main land.

Composed of: tiny rooms, which look more like cages.

Incubators. Here their electricity is used. It is very powerful and seems to be also nourishing.

Resources are also brought from outside our planet. These are used as well for growth and for food made out of powder.

Here we have Homo Sapiens as prisoners and used as jailers at the same time. It has some similarity with the concentration camps.

ET's 128 – Hybrids 75 – Homo Sapiens 1048, here dead bodies are included.

This looks worse than any Science Fiction film.

2 ships, only for emergencies.

Place: 260 Km North West of Barbuda

Purpose: Different Machine Repairs, mostly for their Communication System.

They would have been lost without it.

Here prototypes are kept. They are needed as a model for repairing machines all over the planet. As these Bases are now relatively small and little traffic is going on, it feels as a pretty safe storage place.

As it is not too deep down, a bomb in the right place would produce havoc. The problem is that the men working BEHIND our governments protect them.

It is used as emergency sender as all their equipment is in perfect order.

Composed of: 15 very specialized ET's and 50 ET's learning through experience. No Homo Sapiens – 91 Hybrids with some intelligence as the machinery is of a delicate nature.

Some Ships so that the finished product can be sent right away.

Place: North of Antigua. It points toward Barbuda. Placed in the middle, between these two islands, as the water is not too deep.

Purpose: Processing and Programming Base.

Seems to be one of the first Bases. Used for planning. From here they took off to do the treaties for further constructions.

A "comfortable Base". Still used to make top secret projects. All looks so elegant and safe. (This is naturally the trap in which our people fell).

Unexpectedly I am finding the history of the Base agreements, and plans of how to secretly take over our Planet.

Surprise, WE have given our OK, otherwise it would not have been possible. Here you can see some "minor"consequences of corruption!

In this place data is processed and plans made of how to keep going in the direction of globalisation and One World Government, which is THEM!

Their planning is subtle, they proceed slowly, and we follow everything they say. This IS the reason for less and less freedom, done through expert computer systems. People have every day less, and they have us practically under their, until now, hidden control.

Their "great" organization started at this innocent Base.

Composed of: About 50 Top-notch organizers, some have taken our kind of bodies - No Hybrids – 25 Homo Sapiens as staff. These are highly trained and implanted! (They do not know it).

Ships only as requested.

The computers they possess have very little similarity to the one they "gave" us.

The reason for this development could stem from the rule that individual thinking is forbidden. Very few leaders are allowed to do this, but they are, naturally, needed to create the plans and programs on which they operate.


Information received 24/2/1999.

Place: Santa Lucia, Mount Gimic. Source of many rivers, with all the water supplies needed.

Purpose: Mental Experiments With Humans.

How to subdue us without our knowledge. A vital technique in order to get us to build for them. Total mental amnesia, but the bodies must be able to produce.

As far as I can see, it is the way they operate in every planet where they work in a clandestine way. This makes the technology highly refined.

All these Bases look so small, but they are the prototype of future constructions. The area made it possible to take people and send them back without much questioning.

Today it is used more as research and refinement of control over the masses. It is made for various purposes such as strikes, revolts, voting and psychosis of different nature.

Gases thrown form Space Ships are also used.

On an individual basis, special drugs are the best, and naturally, implants.

Waves that vibrate on a high frequency used on population. These include the commands they want us to obey.

With electrical waves they send agreements about the terrible situation we are in, among which are the deadly diseases appearing all over the place.

We are treated very much as cows. To the animals we play nice music in order to get a higher production.

To us they play NEGATIVE waves and news, to keep us in apathy, and obedient to them.

They, to keep us in constant confusion stage all the revolts and wars we see.

Tests can be made on islands, each with a different wave or gas.

In reality we do not know if, or when these tests are USED on all of us. It includes the whole planet.

There is a tight communication with other experimental areas.

Composed of: 75 ET's – 183 Hybrids – 275 Homo Sapiens – Prisoners come and go.

All their machines are up to date, the newest development from Andromeda are here. In this place we do not have quantity, but quality!

Seems such a nice and safe Base, but it is deadly for us terrestrials.

5 Ships equipped for tests.

They are very busy, as this project is supporting the political scenario, which is 100% manipulated by them.

Some diseases are spread this way, therefore we have strange epidemics which doctors cannot really cure. But, we take lots of useless medicine, which work as "drugs" for people that are not actually on drugs.

They prefer kind of zombie population, being AFRAID of any possibility of us handling our own lives. In case this would happen they would be LOST!


Information received 25/2/99

Place: Puerto Rico, North of Ponce, in the Cordillera Central, nears the river, which ends in Playa de Ponce.

Purpose: Infiltration Base.

The Greys have always worked with data and they train people to work for them. The work of this Base would be impossible if it was under water.

The Cuban situation could have been staged by these organizations. Not all people working for them were forcefully abducted. Some agreed to a fantastic adventure.

Naturally, the work started with people around the area. We have a good start with Che Guevara, ever since guerrillas have been and still are all over the area.

This Base is used as a training camp. The climate is also easy to work in. In these primitive places less attention was drown on their work.

In training, sophisticated weapons and "persuasion machines" are used. The training consists mostly in covert warfare. An area is infiltrated, and wars keep going on as long as needed by the organizers. (You have Yugoslavia as a living example).

Please understand that for a fight to continue endlessly, SOMEONE must keep instigating it. It is relatively easy to do, as we terrestrials "love to hate each other".

Base still in use, but now only for very specific aims in different places of the world. The Base with most experience in this field.

Composed of: Differently trained Greys. Some are experts in programming, others in executing. Naturally the data they operate on is NOT local. They use worldwide co-ordination with strong attention on the area they want to get into. The result of their "attention" is generally turmoil of rather similar character.

YOU can easily spot it in the International News.

This is vital to be able to bring in a New World Order. (Before this can be done, they NEED disorder)

Some are very knowledgeable in how to INFILTRATE and create fights between neighbors. Sounds crazy, but there IS a technique to it. This is the psychological side of it all. Here is taught how to use the "invisible weapons" in order to make us do what they want.

There are also physical trainers. For guerrilla wars one must be fit. They must also be able to "teach" the people they infiltrate. There is far more psychology and implants involved than we can dream of.

About 200 Greys – 150 Hybrids which are mostly used as guards, to ensure no escapes.

The ones that fail in training are being used in different Bases, for human experiments, but for security sake, memory is erased first.

Space for about 180 trainees.

8 Ships.

It seems as if some shield through which ordinary telepathy cannot pass, protects whole Puerto Rico. On must be able to go "over it"

Here lots of "intelligence" work is going on. They DO work with the human mind, controlling intentions. They also must have full knowledge and control of what their "pupils" are doing.

Sound incredible, but we fall for these hidden robots. They often play the role of "liberators", but give us only death, misery and confusion.

The Mexican EZLN leader, Marcos, could easily be such a product.

Place: Puerto Rico. North East of Cerro de Punta Cordillera Central. They use the river going to Lake Caonillas.

Purpose: Hangar Place for Space Ships.

There is naturally also maintenance. Some Ships can go under water, also some of them are getting old, so nearby there is a dumping place for unusable metal, etc. It is melted down and hidden or used again.

An efficient Base, as several other Bases depend on them.

Composed of: 85 ET's as pilots and mechanics – 128 Hybrids. Some high technology machines for repair and maintenance.

There is death penalty for mistakes. These should not happen. Special computers check everything before using a ship.

Information received 28/2/1999.

Place: Puerto Rico – Cordillera Central. Area Monte Guillarte where Rio Grande de Arecibo starts. This river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Again, it s obvious that they need water.

Purpose: Construction and Logistic Base.

Whatever was needed of imported materials for the construction of the other Bases came here, and still does today, for minor replacements. It still supplies the needs of the 12 Bases. The shipments were, compared with today, much smaller.

Some parts are assembled here. For easier transport things are kept as flat as possible.

Computer system geared on construction and maintenance. This has to be organized very thoroughly, as shipments are not arriving every day.

Seems that Mars does receive the very big Intergalactic Space Ships. From there things get distributed as needed. It is obvious that Puerto Rico is too small a space for intergalactic transportation.

Mars is undisturbed.

Much of what is found on Mars is kept highly confidential, but I am rather sure that we DO HAVE most of the information. Simply because this huge project could never have been made without the knowledge of the terrestrials.

Movies make as believe that they are made of some "other dimension stuff", but all is very much in our dimension. Their bodies can die, their machines can brake, they need water, etc.

Composed of: ET Engineers as well as Homo Sapiens – There are 80 of our people, naturally all monitored the usual way – Erasure of memory, chips in head or body or implants – But, these people, even though they are being used, are feeling OK. The monitoring is on the subconscious level.

Many abducted people do not even know that they have been gone! They have become living spies, without even knowing it.

185 ET's – 310 Hybrids

Space made for storage and for assembling things. Planning of constructions. Their know-how is kept in rigorous systems. They have no competition. If someone occludes some data and is found out, again, the penalty is death. A hard system which gives high production, and no corruption.

Experience from this place has been used on later constructions.

Good space for landing. Ships 30.

From here plans are made of what is needed from us terrestrials. All transactions are done by monitored Homo Sapiens. There is no danger involved for the greys; a person goofs, heart attack or something similar is imminent.

Much of our money goes into these projects.

ΏWhere does our tax money go? Taxes are every day higher, misery every day bigger. Not too logical. ΏIs it?

We rarely see what is happening behind the scenarios.


Information received 1/3/1999.

Place: Bahamas – Eleuthera – An underwater Base with a tunnel connecting to land in the Western Bay. Here water is shallow.

Purpose: Logistic and Information Centre.

Used for further construction projects and expansion. A rather small, but very efficient Base.

Their main interest was the American continent. Possibly the huge technical explosion stems from the interchange with the Greys. We all know that there has been a huge expansion of Bases on earth. We hear about more abductions, see more "strange" lights in many, many different places, (some can even see them on the moon with a private telescope!). Also, our planet is getting crazier every day, (Ώwhat do YOU think about KOSOVO?) and control is getting tighter through all this new technologies.

The start of this expansion we find in this famous Triangle, and this Base has masterminded many different events in our recent history, possibly also the Hiroshima bombing, which historically has been rather hard to explain.

Basic training is done in other Bases. Here the real tough work was, and is being done. Only the master spies or infiltrators have access to this Base.

All looks so safe and quiet. The only machines are data computers, maps, and sketches of plans (all done on a screen). We can say that here the mind is at work, more than machines! In this place ideas are accepted and expected. They can even come out on land, for a stroll!

This Base has much of the American top secret data filed. Really, at this time, for the Greys there are no secrets about us. Through super spies and access to ANY computer, they get all the information they might need.

ΏDid you know that university books are being controlled by their EXPERTS? They even have book scanners to ensure that certain data is not taught. This, though, is not handled in this specific Base.

Composed of: 20 ET's capable of making business with terrestrials, especially with the US government. They even have contact with some of the groups BEHIND the president, who knows very little of what really is going on. He must be able to appear "clean" in front of the nation and world.

75 ET's to prepare programs – Space for 50 visitors such as businessmen, or people who must be grooved in about certain programs. Guests can also arrive by ship, and can go to the meetings through the tunnel.

90 Hybrids, mostly for menial work.

The ships for VIPs are not their own.


Information received 3/3/1999

Place: Bahamas – In water, situated between Acklins and Ragged Island Range.

Purpose: Camouflage Base.

It is a Communication Centre to stay in touch with the outer world such as other planets and "home" Andromeda.

The very potent receivers and senders are being continually improved. Programs are being received, information is sent, but the only thing that can be seen of this activity is work with wreckage, and investigation to study fish fauna! The important Base is constructed underneath the apparent Base.

If we were able to intercept this communications, we would know what would happen next in our turbulent history.

Also this area is rather small, and efficient. A peaceful environment is required for the thinking and planning of the Robot Society.

They wish as to be Robots under their programming directions.

In these Bases we find the intelligence that was missing in most of the Bases around the planet. Here plans are made, and followed scrupulously, while we are living in chaos, which is the result of this very exact planning.

Anyone can spot this by looking at the global situation. Local news tends to make you believe that it is only happening to YOUR country.

These old Bases still keep their importance. In this one there is not much ship movement, instead LOTS of communication waves. It would be real fun to have the adequate receptors to pick up their frequencies!

Secrecy is their best protection. (Part of the reason for these articles!)

This Base must have great importance, otherwise it would not be hiding so thoroughly. It is protected physically as well as mentally. This have been very tough to approach telepathically.

It is also dangerous for ships or planes to get too curious. If they felt threatened, they would destroy the threat with lethal beams, but only if they considered it dangerous, otherwise they prefer to work without showing their presence.

Composed of: All ET's, in both Bases. The upper one has trained guards for the lower one. Also some machines to reinforce the hidden one. Their work is to send and receive information, and for this, they have TOP specialists.

Communication to or from outer space for Earth Bases goes via Mars or Moon, but never directly.

ET's as specialists 35 – Other ET's 47 – No Hybrids – No Ships


Information received 4/3/1999

Place: Bahamas – North East of Little Inagua, before the sea gets too deep, and is still in US territory.

Purpose; Execution Base.

There is much more movement in the Execution Bases. These must implement the programs. If things fail, they get punished. Here it is still allowed to query an order as they may encounter unexpected problems. In further links, execution is, as we well know, robotic. They have NO power of decision.

People sent on missions have to be trained.

It seems that here we have gathered some "intelligence" Bases. Possibly they started out with more building administration, but as the purpose is to take over the planet, there are some things that have priority for their ever further expansion.

In reality, not much space is needed for subversive actions, as it is all made as hidden as possible.

Composed of: 50 ET's, highly trained in subversive wars. The trick is to make us fight against each other, and not allow these fights to stop. (The Yugoslavian continuous problems are a living example).

The agitators stay hidden, and are being directed from such Bases as this one.

This Base can be approached by ordinary ships, and entered through a tunnel from Little Inagua.

Here Homo Sapiens works for them. They have been prepared and tested in other Bases, have done successful missions before starting to work in this place.

Space for 35 trainees. Once they start working here, this is their Base of reference. Flubs, are not being discussed with, they are simply eliminated. The only reason they might protect the ones working for them is that it is time consuming to produce the kind of person they need.

175 Hybrids, taken among the most capable ones.

Food supplies must come from land Bases situated in Central America, as well as in Venezuela.

No spaces for own ships, but there is always one ready for whatever might be needed. 3 ships at a time can operate here.

Written 19/3/1999



Please, understand that the reason they are hiding, and making everything so secret is that they are AFRAID OF US. (I am aware of repeating myself!)

This is also the reason they are producing bacterial diseases, using our media to, slowly make us agree to everything they are planning. If we all knew what is really going on, no one could suppress us. Knowing and united, we are unbeatable, but unfortunately we do not have these qualities for the time being.

This is the reason they can keep us fighting each other, sink us in different catastrophes and crisis all over the planet. We are ending up in gradual lethargy, so no one dares, nor has the courage to do anything about it.

We allow things to continue happening THEIR WAY.

Soon we will be able to say good bye to OUR civilization.

The reason for these articles is to help as much as I can, to keep it truly OURS.